Monday 30 May 2016

Introduction To Cpi Binary Governance : The Transition From Global Fractional Tribal States Into XXII Century : Universal Enfranchisement

In Truth I Trust / Profecto Nos Crede
Fundamental Principles Of A Just Society In The Modern Era
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Roots Of Continued Life On Earth : Binary Governance And Capitalism Alternatives : Evolution Oversight

It is surely a matter of life and death when one seeks to alter the established monetary order. And, therein, the pleasure, even in this inevitable death, is that there shall evolve a newness of life that advances civilization towards a more substantial commonality of purpose and gratitude. Such is the work of humankind on Earth ... to go where no other soul has ventured before ... for the children; and, in honour of the mother and the father.

The Ark, The Ash; And, The Phoenix : The 1%ers Undone

The principles of inverse differential topology; when integrated with the mobius loop, help us to understand that the universe is both the contained constellations; as well as being the vessel ... that it is simultaneously evolving as both the skin and the pit; just as is our logic evolving with our instinct. Namely, that all things are relative to the point of observation.

If you are wealthy that is okay; because, the poor shall eventually acquire your wealth; and, you shall be poor.

Sophism breeds constructive change; even though it shall occasionally occur via the chaos theorem.